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In our studio, after a long investigation, we were able to revive the ancient skill of decorating fabrics, so- called hand-printed cloth. It all starts with ideas, with an idea of how a potential piece of fabric, a scarf or a shawl will finally look like. Depending on where hand-printing will be applied the design and the pattern is carefully planned and after that the master calico-printer starts his work.

With the help of special stamps, the so-called «kolyba» master prints on the fabric, which being repeated, becomes a pattern. In one image there can be used a lot of different stamps, all depends on the final goal, and an artistic task.

Doing this work master needs a special paint, thickened to a certain consistency. It is important to choose the right consistency, otherwise a too liquid paint will spill over the fabric and too thick one will be only on one side.

Also, the image is resistant to washing and cleaning

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